The basic principle and aspiration of the company is the responsibility and the high quality in our projects with the main concern the customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What About Small Jobs?

All Jobs small, big and everything in between are important! We always pay attention.

Are All Estimations For Free?

Yes, Feel free to contact us and arrange a free estimate

Best Sand To Use When Installing Interlocking Brick

Professionals recommend polymeric sand be used for strength, beauty and the awesome job it does of preventing those bothersome weeds from coming back. I also recommend tumbled stone, looks great with any exterior decor.

Are There Any Insurance Issues With Older Homes?

In general, there are certain issues that you may need to consider. These would include: old oil tanks, galvanized steel pipes, 60 amp electrical service or knob and tube wiring. Additional major areas of potential concern would include waterproofing issues, the state of the brick work and foundation and also the condition of the roof.

Waterproofing... Is It Important To Install Weeping Tile?

This is a crucial part of a complete waterproofing procedure. Weeping tile and gravel ensure the water at the base of your foundation be properly conducted to the appropriate clear drains.

Do You Work On Condo Units?

Yes Upgrading your Condo is an investment that increases it value!

First Insulate Then Install Vinyl Siding?

Is recommended insulating prior with premium insulation, its your opportune time to insulate at the cold side.

Renovating a Bathroom What Do I Use In Shower Area?

I recommend, also endorsed by our outstanding Professionals, Densshield boards, always are used in the tub enclosure, this provides that once porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble or granite is installed its permanently watertight.

Cement Parging Getting Rusting And Yellowing

Our trained professionals in the field endorse our unique method of combining cement, glue and fiber-coat in the proper parging method along with our watertight caulking and edging to ensure that our parged foundations, porch re-surface and steps look great for many years to come. We never recommend wire mesh, this creates rusting and hollowing.

Remove Or Go Over Top Of The Old Mortar Joints?

I always recommend grinding out the old mortar joints on brick, block and stone, so the mortar is accepted and both color and depth are a constant.

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